Don Lenker Violins

Handcrafted & Affordable

Don Lenker  is an accomplished engineer with many years of experience in vibrations.  This technical background gives him a unique perspective and deep understanding of sound oscillations and their relationship to the design of string instruments.His wife, Karen, an accomplished violinist, provides invaluable input in the setup of  instruments as well as the final adjustments.  Many adjustments of the new instruments are necessary to create responsive instruments with an open sound and a beautiful tone.  These adjustments  include modifications to the bridge, moving and/or modifying the soundpost, adjusting the tail piece and sometimes modifying the graduation of the top.  All of these final touches contribute to a notable hand crafted one of a kind instrument.

Don has developed his craft over the past 20 years based on sources such as Sacconni’s Secrets of Stradivari, VSA Journals, and Catgut Acoustical Society Journals.  He has also based his design on  Harry Wake’s “The Technique of Violin Making” and Henry Strobel’s “Violin Making Step by Step”.

More recently he has participated in several of Jim Brown’s workshops taught by Michael Darnton.  These have been hands on workshops that have greatly increased his knowledge of traditional violin making  and increased the  professional look of his instruments.