The owner of this cello wanted it repaired, even if it cost more than it was worth.  She loves her cello that much!

Major cracks under the fingerboard
First step; Take the top off and glue the cracks
A patch is applied on the under side of the crack
The patch is smoothed out
Cleats are applied to re-enforce the glued areas
The bass bar was improved by reshaping
The top has been glued back onto the body
Repaired and sounding better
This bass bar replaces the old one that had a lengthwise crack

The fingerboard did not fit to the neck.  There was a gap between the two.  

The peg holes on this old violin were no longer round. Bushings restore the holes
The fingerboard was removed and a thin layer of wood was applied to the neck
The wood was shaped to fill in the gap
The fingerboard was planed
The fingerboard was reattached