Violin #13, Viola #3, Cello #1
Sally owns Cello #32

We met Sally at Jim Brown’s workshop.  She wanted a cello that was slightly smaller on the fingerboard.  It is patterned after a Rogeri model. She now resides in England and plays in various orchestras & musical groups.

Grand-daughter Mattie got her first violin from Don in the 5th grade. She is now an engineer and plays Violin #13 occasionally for weddings, etc.
Grand-daughter Anne received her 15 1/2 viola #3 from Don when she was in Jr. High. She is now a teacher and plays in her local orchestra
Grand-daughter Sarah adapted quickly to Don's full size cello #1. She is now an industrial designer and plays for her church and weddings
Carol owns Don's first 5 string violin #39
Carol & Darrell play blue grass together and attend blue grass festivals
Linda plays 16" viola, #30, with double perfling. She plays in the San Luis Chamber Orchestra.
Niall was a student at UCLA when he purchased Cello #47.
Carol borrowed this violin #50, and fell in love with it. It is her second Don Lenker violin
David is Principal violist in the San Luis Obispo Symphony, the Santa Maria Philharmonic, among other groups.He plays Viola # 40. He is a member of the English Department, at Cal Poly.
Sadie owns Violin #15, and plays in the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony
Sal is playing violin #35, including the Vivlaldi Concerto for 3 violins with the SLO Chamber Orchestra
Beth, who lives in Minnesota, owns violin #26
Darby was ready to graduate to a full size violin and chose #31